Modern Day Checking Products to Consider

Checks have come a long way, but I can easily see a day where they become unnecessary, given the strides that are being made in digital cash. Some people even think that banks and other middlemen such as credit card companies will eventually disappear, being replaced by digital currencies like bitcoin (you can read more about bitcoin here). I personlly believe that while such scenarios are possible, we are still years or even decades away from that.

The fact remains that as of today, checks are still widely used, and continue to be one of the safest and most effective ways to exchange money. Part of the reason for this is that checks havet evolved with the times. Below are some of the more modern types of checks you might want to consider using. All of them can be purchased at Deluxe or other premium companies that offer checks.

business checking products

1. High-Security Checks.
These types of checks are ideal if you are in an industry where fraud is rampant. The do cost more money than your standard checks, but the security features in these checks have come a long way, making them virtually 100% fraud-proof.

2. Laser Checks.
These checks are highly convenient since they can be used with your printer and software program that you use for accounting or finance. At Deluxe, you can choose laser checks that will work with just about any kind of bookkeeping or accounting program a business may be using.

3. eChecks.
I don't think these types of checks are being that widely used, but they can really cut down on the amoount of work your accounting staff does. These checks can be sent by email too, so your customers or vendors will receive their payment without having to wait days for the check to arrive in the mail.

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