Video Gaming Options for the 21st Century

Gamers a living in a great time, when the option for playing video games are more numerous than any time before. Today, just about everyone with a computer has access to hundreds of different games, many which can be played for free. But not everyone is aware of all their gaming options. In this article, I will cover some popular methods for playing games in the modern age.


1. Play games on your computer.
This seems to be the cheapest option for most people. Most of us already own a computer, so why not use it as a gaming platform as well? This is not an issue if you want to play relatively simple games like poker or blackjack. You can usually play some of the less complex massively multiplayer online games as well. But to play any new releases, you'll typically need to upgrade your computer. This usually means you need to purchase a powerful graphics card. To get a decent graphics card, you should expect to spend over $100. So while playing games on your computer is a great option, it does cost you money if you want to play the best games.

2. Play games on a game console.
This is still the gold standard for avid gamers. But consoles aren't cheap and usually requires you to spend $300 or more. The good news is that you'll typically have access to the greatest number of games by owning a console. One way to save some money if you own a console is to rent games from a service like Gamefly. This allows you to play a greater number of games while paying less than you would if you were to buy new games on your own. A Gamefly free trial is available at this link to anyone who is interested in trying out this service.

3. Play games on your phone.
This can be a great time-killer, but when you have the option to play games on a console or computer, there's no question you'll have a better time playing on those platforms. That said, many times you are stuck somewhere (like the Dentist's office) and need a way to divert yourself from the boredom you're faced with. Playing games in your phone is a good option in these situations.