Halo e-cigarette options

For those of you considering making a switch to e-cigarettes, it is vital to do a good bit of research to make sure you get a good product. When I first started with e-cigs, I made the mistake of choosing an inferior brand simply because it was the cheapest option out there. This made me believe that e-cigs are not very good, and I stopped using them for a while. If only I had spent more time researching different brands, I would have chosen a better brand such as Halo Cigs from the beginning.

halo triton ecig

As you can probably guess by now, my favorite company for e-cigarettes is Halo Cigs. Although their prices are reasonable, the quality of their products are very high. You generally have 3 options when you decide to buy e-cigarettes from this company.

  1. Halo G6
    These are small but powerful batteries that are a good option for beginners. They come in many terrific colors. You can even choose the color of your LED lights. You can get Halo Coupons by going to e-cigbargains.com. Volts are the type of batteries I started out with, and I continue to use them today.
  2. Halo Triton
    The Tritons are larger batteries that are more or less the equivalent of ego batteries. If you want a longer lasting battery that is still a manageable size, Halo Tritons may just be what you’re looking for.
  3. Disposable E-cigarettes
    Disposables seem like a convenient choice, but they are not cost effective. Thus, I only recommend them for people who want to try out a new brand.